Men who hate women

Misogynist narcissists

Heterosexual women bear the brunt of narcissistic heterosexual men’s hostility, according to a 2010 study.

Narcissists’ lack of empathy, feelings of entitlement, and perceptions of being deprived of ‘deserved’ admiration and gratification can make them prone to aggression and vengeance.

The results from this study reveal that straight men’s narcissism is linked to an adversarial and angry stance toward straight women more than toward other groups. Although narcissists may want to maintain feelings of superiority and power over all people, narcissistic heterosexual men are particularly invested in subordinating heterosexual women because they are “gatekeepers in men’s quest for sexual pleasure, patriarchal power and status,” the study authors explain.

Another conclusion from the study is that male narcissists believe that heterosexual relationships should be patriarchal rather than egalitarian.

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3 thoughts on “Men who hate women

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  2. They also resent the fact that women are different in their response, in their “warming up to” sex. why have to wine and dine, to wait for the woman to be ready? why aren’t they just like men? Men feel loved after sex, women need to feel loved to want sex for the most part. Not always. Having to ask, to wist, angers a certain type of male. I have never been involved with this type, but they also probably would never consider gratifying a woman for her sake. If she does not gain satisfaction from slam bam, thank you mam. Too bad.


    • After the “honeymoon phase,” the selfishness of a male narcissist is released. At great cost, many women try to appease their man, hoping to reduce his anger and “earn” some affection by being “good,” not realizing that they are being manipulated and controlled, and that he will not change.


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