It’s so easy to be fooled.

superficial charmPsychopaths are superficially charming. They lack delusions or other signs of irrational thinking and are free of nervousness and anxiety. In other words, they present an image of stability, confidence, and overall good “mental health” that can disarm even the most experienced judge of human character. superficial charm


4 thoughts on “It’s so easy to be fooled.

  1. they are predators who do not care for a second if they destroy the lives of others including children. They are just the worst “people” (if you can call them that!?) on earth


    • Yes, and it’s about time we started talking about the evil with the greatest impact on mankind, and spread information and awareness. If we are successful, future generations will have a chance of keeping psychopaths in check, and as a result, immensely reduce suffering in this world.


  2. But we need to be careful…there actually ARE very polite people on the planet (me, for one). I was raised by narcs and they DEMANDED politeness from their children. You could not breathe in the wrong direction. One slip…and watch out…that look. The look of steel hatred (at their own children). So please…some people are polite and nice people.
    I work with the elderly and hear it constantly, ‘You are so polite!’. And many have commented on my overall sweet nature and generosity.
    Yes, I exhibit nervousness, but that is common in people with PTSD who had narcs for parents. And I note here in the website that ‘nervousness’ is not one of the psychopaths traits…extreme composure and confidence IS.
    So take it lightly about ‘niceness’ and ‘politeness’…some of genuinely are.


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