See no evil: Why is there so little psychopathy awareness?

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It seems like people tend to research psychopathy and other personality disorders after they’ve been burned. I have decided to repost an entry from last year that examines some of the reasons why there is so little psychopathy awareness in the general public. Ideally, this information can reach the general public, so people can spot the symptoms of dangerous personality disorders…

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6 thoughts on “See no evil: Why is there so little psychopathy awareness?

    • Yes, you may be right. Some say that the unwavering desire for power and the ruthless determination of a psychopath are necessary personality traits to climb the ranks. Try googling “Ponerology” and “Snakes in Suits” for more on this fascinating topic!


  1. Most people enter into relationships by instinct. In doing so, they recognize at an instinct/subconscious level that “here is power, and by attaching myself to it I gain its power as a part of my own” when they come to a ‘social predator’.
    But there is more. The ‘fear’ many of those who are in tune with ‘their true and inward nature’ recognize success in the psychopath, where in themselves they see only failure – and yet more, when in the actual presence… “the fear of the lord is the beginnings of wisdom – while the fear of the psychopath is the beginnings of Pleasure.”
    The psychopath is the god of the normalistic world, and the fullest expression of archetype. This is why such deities are worshiped with such blind devotion – and those who by behavior and precept show themselves opposed are hated beyond measure.

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