Taming the Psychopath

A young “psychopath” shares his thoughts.

playing tame

Recently, I noticed one of the “top searches” leading people to this site was a phrase, “psychopath taming.” In response, I performed a similar search through Google, just to see what would come up.  Not surprisingly, the results contained very little of substance. I came across several books of fiction, at least one book purportedly being a true story of some psychopath or other who got better (often through the power of Jesus or other such nonsense), and other similar things. I came across one or two other psychopathy-related blogs as well. Of course, the the psychopathy survivor-related blogs and forums just make me shake my head and laugh, mostly when they go into such keen detail and speak with such confidence as to the how and why we do what we do, as if each and every one of us follows the exact same mould.

But I digress. The…

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2 thoughts on “Taming the Psychopath

  1. He’s a very vague individual… Most don’t want to be discovered. I wonder just how he had come to the conclusion that he, in fact, IS psychopathic? Will continue to read his blog. I have my doubts.


  2. Just found your blog for the first time. Glad to see others educating the world about dark souls, a subject I’m passionate about.

    It is often true that the only way to get a narcissist or sociopath to change their behavior is to get them to understand how their choices will affect themselves. They usually don’t care how their behavior affects others. He touches on that in this article.


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