Victims of Psychopaths: True Stories


psychopath victim

“Is he beyond a narcissist? Is he a sociopath or psychopath? Think we’re only talking about serial killers here? Psychopaths, sociopaths, and even narcissists come in every walk of life, every career level, and every socio-economic category. They are doctors, attorneys, ministers, students, and truck drivers. They are realtors, construction workers, and professors. They are your boss, your neighbor, your family member, and your lover or husband. You might even be with one now and not know.”

psychopath victim

Read the victims’ personal accounts and notice the similarities
between the psychopathic abusers that they describe!

9 thoughts on “Victims of Psychopaths: True Stories

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  2. I have learned the more you ignore the phycopath and just stay away he will eventually move on and find another victim to attach himself with. My x is telling lies and stories that I message him from other numbers whereas it is not true he did the same to me when we dated. It’s now 4 months and he still tries and get to me. But my experience a liar always get’s caught out. When i started to catch on to him that is when he became extremely defensive and violent. So i stayed away changed my number and now I have to move for the in case scenario. Rather ignore them flat don’t give them any amo or any contact because once you do you are setting yourself up for attacks from them.


  3. My shit-ass lying parents. Strangest people ever and they appeared SO successful. But I know how strange they were. And out there….deniers. Liars. Controllers. Narcissists.
    Full Blown Strange


  4. I have seen and heard of people being victimized by psychopaths, how does one turn to a psychopaths?, when dealing with their victims, are they in their senses? or how do they deal with their victims?…do they regret it after a while? how do they complicate their lives…I have a lot going on and I would like to know when my friend,myself,or family are targeted


    • A person with a dissocial personality disorder at full scale (psychopath/sociopath) is not going to feel any remorse – ever. Period. To such a person, other people are just objects they can play around with. He/she will never change. It is the core of who they are. The best thing you can do is get away. If you are being targetted then it is because you were for some reason available. Thats it, nothing more to it. Just get away, and don’ be available.


  5. I need an attorney to file a complaint against my City and County officials, conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights under color of law, defamation, multiple counts of fraud, knowingly making false statements, knowingly making false police reports,


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