The Psychopathic Duo

Psychopaths dominate because most people are brainwashed to be victims. There occasionally are people with partial resistance. They are isolated and the psychopaths can easily discredit and remove them.

Bonnie and Clyde

If two psychopaths are challenged by an intelligent person, they will cooperate, while the intelligent person won’t understand what’s going on. Even if the psychopaths don’t have an explicit agreement, they will always cooperate to ruin an intelligent person asking questions.


Psychopaths can always count on each other for cooperation, when an intelligent person starts asking dangerous questions. This creates a massive highly-coordinated evil conspiracy. Two psychopaths will always cooperate, when an intelligent person starts asking questions. Two psychopaths will always assist each other in their evil goals. They can count on their fellow psychopaths to return the favor later, even if there is no explicit quid pro quo agreement. In a very real sense, there’s a psychopath code of ethics.

Excerpt from: Two Kinds Of Psychopaths


Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde


4 thoughts on “The Psychopathic Duo

  1. I just shared this post on Facebook. I wrote a 50 chapter saga on our blog about being caught in the middle of two cooperating psychopaths on Facebook. I can tell you for a fact, this is the truth!!


  2. I was caught for a long time between 2 sociopaths. Heather Sistrunk and Corey Newman in Minneapolis, MN. In hindsight I was set up from go. I feel sorry for her current husband who she now has a restraining order against. These two are pure evil in motion. One sociopath is bad enough. 2 in harmony is enough to endanger ones sanity. I’m happy to say at the end of the day, being a Virgo, I don’t fall in love easily. And Corey never gave love, so I never fell “in love”. He just straight up refused to leave my house. He would make me look crazy when he would call the police and then run. Except the night he called the police and THEN broke out my windows and kicked in my door. In the end they are both angry and stalking my business as a Realtor, have gotten my Facebook pages disabled so I am no longer on facebook. But as a strong woman who not only survives, but THRIVES!!! This is forcing me to use old gold standard ways of meeting clientele. Door knocking and meeting people face to face. Those who know ME thought I was crazy for being with him to begin with. Those who he has brainwashed aren’t people I would choose to have in my life on an average day anyway, and sure have little hope of ever being a client. The worst thing is the perpetual Internet stalking by these two. Any ideas how to avert this long lasting pillage of my time would be appreciated.


    • You seem like a most sensible person and I hope you will find effective ways to protect yourself from the harm that these toxic people wish to cause you. Vindictiveness is a standard psychopathic trait, along with lack of empathy, grandiosity, sense of entitlement, and lack of remorse; a most toxic combination. People with this disorder are a danger to all around them, especially when they are able to hide in plain sight and appear respectable as they pull off their dirty schemes under the public radar. Exposure could make it harder for them to victimize others, but you must consider the cost to your own safety and sanity. No doubt, they will intensify their efforts to destroy you. Psychopaths have a knack for rallying supporters and making their victim look like the bad guy. Collect evidence, and perhaps, start a blog. Be careful.


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