What is Stonewalling?


Stonewalling consists of:

  1. Refusal to negotiate a conflict in good faith
  2. Refusal to discuss honestly one’s motivations
  3. Refusal to listen to another point of view with openness
  4. Refusal to compromise
  5. Refusal to collaborate
  6. Refusal to support the other person’s plans
  7. Refusal to accept influence


By Michael Samsel (abuseandrelationships.org)

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8 thoughts on “What is Stonewalling?

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  7. Wow, this is exactly how the sociopath I’ve been dealing with has done me, ignoring me for days no calls no nothing & when ever I try to get clarification he changes the subject or blows me off by phone, or ends text quick or no answers, honestly I felt a lot of pressure as if I needed to do something to make it better, anyhow I’m glad I’ve come across this blog or else I would have been going crazy deeper & deeper, I’ve blocked his number 2 days ago, don’t want to talk to him at all because he is smooth talker, I’m done thanks too all this info people would think I was crazy unless they’ve gone thru this. Thanks so much..


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