The Psychopath’s Sleep of Death

By Thomas Sheridan –

When a psychopath goes to sleep they literally close their eyes and they are out. While the psychopath sleeps, they may as well be dead. However, if even gently approached during their Death Sleep, they instantly wake up — similar to a feral animal in the wild might do when they sense danger. When they wake up, it is instantaneous and they step out of their bed with no sign of fatigue or a sense of easing into the day — as a normal person would. It is akin to a machine literally switching on and off. Did you personally experience this?

Stray dog - asleep

Stray dog – asleep (Photo: Wikipedia)

Target A: “Switched off! Not a care in the world. Which I could not understand how someone did not even toss and turn when there were so many problems.”

Target B: “Used to talk in his sleep, often, but not all the time. Couldn’t really understand what he was saying. Didn’t think of it being another language, but anything possible with these things. I didn’t listen closely. Oh and if I woke him up, he would awaken as if he was in the middle of a tornado or something. Never woke up peacefully unless on his own. No matter how gentle I did it, either. I mean, jumping out of bed freaking out kind of shit. Like he was ready for a battle.”

Cover sample of "The Death of Sleep"...

Target C: “This is interesting. He would fall asleep in an instant, at anytime of the day. However, when he did go to sleep at night, it was intermittently broken up by his urge to smoke every 2-3 hours.”

Target D: “Death sleep. He would fall asleep instantly. Guess with having no conscience there are the benefits too!”

Target E: “It could fall asleep so easily, and I remember how it could jump up out of bed and be wide awake! I too found myself quite envious of this ‘ability’ as I struggle to fall asleep.”

What’s your experience?
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12 thoughts on “The Psychopath’s Sleep of Death

  1. He fell asleep quickly after he finished his “get ready for bed” routine. The most frightening part of him sleeping, was the fact he did not sleep in his contacts and is legally blind without them. He had glasses on the side table by the bed…ONLY used at bed time and in the morning to walk to the bathroom to re-insert his contacts. Most men look amazingly handsome in glasses. Not this guy. He looked like a deranged and sick person. I couldn’t look at him without cringing when he wore his glasses. I felt guily inside for silently judging him so harshly at the time. Pfft!


    • Paula, that is strange. It was the exact opposite with james. He also was legally blind without his glasses but I couldn’t stand looking at his eyes without his glasses on. If he wore contacts or wasn’t wearing his glasses for whatever reason (he always wore them cuz he couldn’t see his hand in front of him if he didn’t) his eyes gave me chills down my spine. He had beautiful blue eyes and I could never figure out why I couldn’t look at them. Even pictures if he took his glasses off there was something about his eyes that pierced your soul.


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  3. After more than a decade of daily meditation (not medication), I fall asleep easily and wake refreshed. I do not toss and turn. I do not roll around in my sleep. According to you, I am a psychopath! Whaaat?


  4. I fall to sleep immediately but that is because I have a clear conscience. My ex would fight sleep. He hated to sleep, he would stay up all night, (that was when he did things like sabotage my truck spend all night on porn or dating sites, watched snuff videos) then he would fall asleep on the toilet, he even slept standing up he would be so tired. I don’t know how many times I got up in the morning and his face was planted on the keyboard. One time he fell asleep 1/2 way up the stairs to our loft bedroom. But he would NOT just come to bed.
    I thought it was because he did all his covert activities at night and because he was afraid if he slept someone might get the upper hand. He had to be in control of everything all the time.


  5. Oh god, YES! He fell asleep on a dinner date, we’re in mid conversation and it was like the switch got flicked, dead asleep at the table! I woke him up and it’s reaction was like he was being attacked by terrorists. Again, whist he was driving, stopped at a red light and when it turned green, I looked at him to see why he isn’t going, dead asleep and when I woke him up, was like a bolt of lightning hit him. After I had a bad accident, ended up in hospital, finally after taking a very long time to get there, took one look at my injury and within seconds, dead asleep in the hospital chair. During my labour, same thing, 4 hours dead asleep, only difference was, he couldn’t be woken by the midwife, came back and said “I can’t wake him up, it’s like he’s dead”. But then I called out his name once, and it was there in the speed of light. I have told numerous psychologists / therapists about this sleep thing but no one mentioned it was part of it. Thank you for this enlightenment!!!


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