Covert sociopathic abuse, PTSD, and recovery

Victim (1961 film) STOP portraying yourself as
a victim!”

Do people who say that believe there are no real victims? Or that there are victims but that they should be silent about their experiences? Maybe they believe that victimization is a ‘choice’ or that the victim must be partially responsible for the abuse—or even deserve it. Maybe they think that when people talk about their suffering or the mistreatment they have endured, they do it only to gain an advantage, such as attention or sympathy. 

The pain and damage sociopaths cause, without remorse, needs to be taken seriously. Covert or emotional abuse is known to cause PTSD, wreck lives, and lead to fatalities. Laura19 writes on “Excruciating emotional pain. Numbness. Loss of appetite. Sleepless nights. Obsessive thoughts. Inability to concentrate. Loss of pleasure in cherished activities. Lack of energy. Anxiety and panic attacks. All of the above will probably sound familiar to those of us who have been devalued and discarded…” Read about her remarkable path to recovery after surviving a relationship with a personality disordered person at

2 thoughts on “Covert sociopathic abuse, PTSD, and recovery

  1. When I first learned of my Ex’s deceit and betrayal, I couldn’t eat for a week. I dropped so much weight that even I became concerned. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t do anything except focus on the betrayal. I have been a long time follower of Paula’s Pontifications so I reached out to her via email and told her what had happened and what I had discovered. She immediately responded. We corresponded back and forth a few times over the the course of 2 days. And then, after a few days she was worried that I might be suffering from PSTD. She suggested therapy. I immediately took her advice and found a therapist, made an appt. and saw her a few days later. Now I see her every week, sometimes every 2 and therapy has helped me immensely. I’m over the shock and the betrayal, but I still harbor anger. I am working through the anger — but sadly it is a slow process.


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