Turning the Sociopath’s Toxic Crap into Bountiful Blossoms

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toilet flowers(Warning: This post may cause gas.)

Don’t misinterpret the sociopath’s ability to manipulate and demean you as a skill.

A skill is something we’re taught and we learn. The sociopath was born with this ability.

Harming and hurting individuals is his nature, and he does it with the same ease he pisses and shits. And like a bowel movement, there is no need for him to tap into empathy, remorse or his phantom conscience:

“Ahhh! That felt good. Now let me wash my hands really, really good. Can’t have any remnants of THAT left in my world.”

Ask yourself this the next time you use the toilet:

“How much guilt and remorse do I feel after I relieve myself and flush?”

Surely, you’ll answer, “None!” (Heck, if you didn’t eliminate that crap, it would have caused serious bloat and painful pressure. Ouch! Who needs that?)

And this is exactly how the…

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1 thought on “Turning the Sociopath’s Toxic Crap into Bountiful Blossoms

  1. I would rather say that sociopaths, just like other people, develop and refine behaviors that reap rewards. What is different about the psycho/sociopath is his unabashed selfishness, sense of entitlement, and inability to feel empathy, responsibility, or remorse. That is why he acquires “skills” like manipulation and deceit. They serve his own interests without regards for the rights or feelings of others, and unlike “normal” people, he lacks the restraints of moral ideals or a conscience.


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