Sociopaths Recruit Minions


Rebecca’s best friend sided with her tormentor.

12-year-old Rebecca was terrorized by as many as 15 girls who ganged up on her and picked on her for months. The torment and social isolation became overwhelming, and seeing no other way out, she ended her young life. Two girls, the major culprits, have been arrested. One of them went to the same school as Rebecca and had been dating her former boyfriend. The 14-year-old bully went around to friends at school and tried to turn them against Rebecca. The girl’s Facebook comments were callous and hateful, expressing desire for the death of young Rebecca. The second girl arrested was a former best friend of the victim who was influenced by the other girl to turn on her.

Girl bullies

The two girls, 12 and 14, arrested for pushing Rebecca to despair and suicide.

Sociopaths come in many guises; they bring suffering and destruction upon us in all possible shapes and sizes, many times multiplying the damage by influencing others to join their evil missions, or at least to not interfere.

Psychopath bullyPsychopath bully


6 thoughts on “Sociopaths Recruit Minions

  1. We see it on a small scale and on a grand scale; manifestations of the same unacceptable principle. The majority of the German population were ordinary hard-working people, not psychopaths, but they joined the Nazi party and supported the murderous leaders who were. Minions don’t realize they are minions. When an individual with the capacity for empathy becomes fully aware of being lead into immoral territory, he can no longer follow.


  2. We can stop being “enablers” for the sociopath. We have the power to follow our own moral compass. We can be brave enough to say NO to hatred and abuse. We only need to know when we have been recruited and have become the minion.


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  4. Ugly little bitches. Each one deserves the most brutal torment imaginable for what they’ve done. Bullying is a sick form of control. The bully is an empty useless vessel that NEEDS to inflict pain on others to feel whole inside.
    Those monobeings don’t need love, wild animals are only doing what’s in their nature. To put an end to this sort of madness bullies have to be identified and handled as one would a wild animal in a circus. Tamed, trained and if all odds are out, executed. They don’t give us empathy so we normal humans shouldnt feel anything towards their suffering. Fight fire WITH fire not love.


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