Rationalizing Psychopathic Traits


In our understanding of the world around us, we are restricted by the framework of our knowledge and beliefs. When we try to make sense of other people’s behavior, our minds rationalize to avoid cognitive dissonance, or contradicting beliefs, sometimes resulting in unrealistic perceptions. The decisions we base on those perceptions will be ineffective or inappropriate at best, while in a worst case scenario; they could lead to a lifetime of misery or death.


2 thoughts on “Rationalizing Psychopathic Traits

  1. I very much wish that more people could deal with this issue because if you refuse to acknowledge that another human lacks feelings, they will, and often, cause great harm to others.
    To be able to see that the “emperor” has no clothes on will empower one to block the power and damage from a person devoid of conscience and decent behavior.
    Had more people faced this with George Bush, we would not have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan to fix an age old religious schism that cannot be corrected with bombs.


    • I, too, wish… As long as people don’t recognize psychopathic traits for what they are, the psychopaths will continue to have free reign. Knowledge is the key.


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