Baiting & Bashing

Toxic people regularly engage in this extraordinarily vile behavior. They get away with it because they are deviously skilled at misleading others and obscuring what is actually going on. Watch out for staging and framing—or B&B!


See also: Denial and DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim/Offender)



56 thoughts on “Baiting & Bashing

  1. I went through this when I left him in 2010…he got on Facebook and got everyone thinking what a horrible woman I was for just “up and leaving him”…I’m just sorry I came back, and am now facing having to find a way to leave again. Now though, I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me..they don’t know him.

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      • Thanks Kristi…I got out about two months ago..I had to be homeless for a bit of time, but I am on my way back now. I got my own place and a job…it’s awesome. I hope you can be free too….love and hugs, Kim


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  3. Baiting and Bashing…The key ingredients for gang stalkers whose participants include most…local, state, and national governments, as well as, non-governmental fraternities, agencies, organizations, etc.
    Those that suffer the true definitions of sociopathism and schizophrenia. Who do you think did the scientific research and came up with all of these terms? It certainly was not us, the little people. We would never have known about any of it if it weren’t for the schools, the media, and the all wonderful Webster’s Dictionary. Were these things introduced to us because they were planning on using them against us any way? Hmmmm…

    Maybe it would have been a better idea if they had kept these things to themselves then who would know the difference? Now that we are on to them, it is an all out war…


  4. Reblogged this on mstmha and commented:
    Baiting and Bashing… some of the techniques used when you are being gang stalked, mobbed, under the ‘Devil’s Switch’, etc…
    -Maybe it is time for them to prove whether they are actually telling the truth without the use of ‘heresay’ and make-believe.
    -Maybe in that, they will have a little more work cut out for them as they will have to obtain more physical proof.
    -Maybe it is time for ‘God’s Switch’ to join the party?!
    -Just maybe we would like more evidence to the fact that their lies are not just lies.
    -Maybe it is time for the tables to turn in their direction.
    -I invite our ‘gang stalkers’ to subject themselves to more ‘proof positives’ that when you are speaking of any Targeted Individual and the horrific woes that they undergo because of you, that you are telling the truth without misrepresentation or perjury.
    As the old saying goes, “The truth will set you free”.
    I wonder how much are they willing to go through to prove that what they are saying about Targeted Individuals in their being so-called ‘crazy’ without evidential proof is actually true? In that, could they even function without their network of ‘criminals’ guiding and protecting them?
    Tell me…How would they like those apples if they were proven guilty over and over and over again?
    I say, if they wanted to know the truth about anything (which they don’t); all they had to do was ask just to save them the trouble of so much indescribable, insane, unwarranted, drama…
    What is it that they are really trying to prove? That their self-esteem is so low to being a -0 on the Richter scale?
    According to this small blog fact, their personalities are not brand new. Someone has already had them figured out and those few will definitely know how to correct it…

    The definition for the ‘Devil’s Switch’ according to the Urban Dictionary:
    Devil’s Switch
    The evil psychopathic person (Gang Stalk Rat) who enrolls someone into being gang stalked for many years, turns on the Devil’s Switch.
    “I am able to ruin you socially. Remember I had
    another achievement”
    “You have turned on the Devil’s Switch”
    “We could be under close surveillance. If they are
    Professionals you cannot hide.”
    It sounds true…
    In sociopaths…

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  5. This has happened to me with my sister and her husband. They have used this tactic to separate me from family members. I believe they do it so they can control their power within the family. I see them for what they are and I believe they discredit me so people will not talk to me.It is weird. People think I am the trouble maker when all the while they are the ones who benefit from what they say I am causing. They are very sly and sinister. I believe they would have me dead if they could. The depths of hate I have received is so astounding it is almost unbelievable. I suppose that is why no one believes me. The isolation is unbearable.I do understand that they are black empty holes.


    • I am sorry to hear that you are going through what most of us, as Targeted Individuals, have to endure on a daily basis. I can honestly tell you that I have experienced the same but those sinister beings extended their theatrics far beyond the scope of just bullying using family members. They have and still are attempting to control and manipulate every aspect of my life and my body. Sounds hard to believe but it is totally true. You are so right. The depths of hate are definitely unbelievable but the depths of what they do in their expression of hate is possibly, to me, the worse thing that I have ever seen in all of my conscious years. Their actions surpass anything that could already be labeled inhumane. I do sometimes wonder if we are actually dealing with real-to-life ‘aliens’ or human lab experiments. I say this because those that I have personal dealings with have little to no morality about anything they do; so, in consolance, I do understand.

      In my opinion, the isolation was bearable as long as I did not have the ‘meanies’ to deal with. Unfortunately, even in isolation, they don’t leave you alone.

      I have listed some links below that may be of some help for you (That is, if you haven’t read them already.) They may help you better understand what is actually happening.

      1. The Secret Government Rulebook for Labeling You A Terrorist

      2. The “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance (A 166-page document issued last year by the National Counter-terrorism Center that spells out the government’s secret rules for putting individuals on its main terrorist database, as well as the no fly list and the selectee list, which triggers enhanced screening at airports and border crossings.)

      *Also Note The Following from the article above, The Secret Government Rulebook for Labeling You A Terrorist:
      For the living, the process of getting off the watchlist is simple yet opaque. A complaint can be filed through the Department of Homeland Security Traveler Redress Inquiry Program, which launches an internal review that is not subject to oversight by any court or entity outside the counterterrorism community. The review can result in removal from a watchlist or an adjustment of watchlist status, but the individual will not be told if he or she prevails. The guidelines highlight one of the reasons why it has been difficult to get off the list—if multiple agencies have contributed information on a watchlisted individual, all of them must agree to removing him or her.

      Good Luck To You! I will continue to pray that we may all soon escape the persecution and gluttony of the Devil’s advocates.

      This too will soon pass.

      May God Bless You and Yours…


  6. I read this and was immediately moved by the content as it reminded me of the very same tactics employed by a friend of mime. Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but I’ve come to see through the veneer she’s had over the years. While married, said friend used many of these very same ploys against her soon to be ex husband. Naturally, we; her friends/family sided with her, but a couple of us began to call bullsh*t on her and find ways to make her see her own culpability in the demise of her marriage. He’s not without fault; however, his defense or retaliation was nothing compared to what he endured in their marriage. Personally, I’ve withdrawn from any conversation with her regarding her now end stage of marriage and I certainly do not allow her to continually “play the victim” with me regarding any aspect of her life. She’s got issues and needs to work on them before she tries to get into another relationship in the future.

    So many people fault men for being this way; however, there are as many women who do just this.


      • What’s sad is that even when they “allegedly” want to ‘heal’ or ‘correct’ their offending tactics, it rarely happens or they can still find a way to make excuses


      • Sociopaths say and do what serves their interests. Sincerity is for losers, in their view.


      • I can’t say I disagree. It’s the “let me do enough to please those pointing out my deficit, but I’m really not going to change”. It’s those very same people who still feel they’re owed or entitled to something. So very sad because they’ll never achieve true love or happiness in their lives.


    • You are absolutely right. Who knew that there were so many people out there with the need to ‘Purge’. Lives are being destroyed everywhere because of the lack of any real maturity in most. It is also factual that gender has nothing to do with it. Also, their way of abusing, also, has no gender preference.


      • Thanks mstmha for stopping by. There are so many that I’d want to ‘Purge’, but I’d at least like to give them the opportunity to own their abuse and lack of maturity. Gender assignment as it relates to abuse needs to seriously be reevaluated, as, like you said, has no gender preference. Women who inflict abuse think they’re just “protecting or defending themselves”; that’s very sad. Those women tend to be highly educated, professional, socially sound, and personable to others; however, that’s proven to be their mask in order to inflict their abuse; though they don’t regard it as such. In many cases, those women have been abused themselves and never dealt with it and now they inflict abuse on others.


      • It is a pleasure to be in communication with others with like experiences. It does make you feel as if you are not alone. You know, the one thing that I have noticed about women today is that they seem to model themselves after men in their abusive habits. But, it seems that in most cases, it was a man that has trained them to be that way by using abusive methods. As another target mentioned to me before, they believe that their we are in a war against women.

        Obviously, women are not the only ones being abused, don’t get me wrong, but it seems that women (like myself) who are more nurturing and family oriented are being pushed around and beat down, as if they were men themselves.

        It is just something that I have noticed. It may also come down to the fact that there are quite a few homosexuals (male and female) within our governmental system who simply do not care that it was because of women that they are here to begin with. I am really not sure.

        It is just an observation.


      • Thank you for your thoughtful and supportive comments. However, I believe you have some misconceptions about homosexuality.


      • I understand why yo may feel that way. I am not a homosexual, yet, I have nothing against them either. There are different types of people, including, within the homosexual community. As a matter of fact, over the years, I have had some pleasant friendships with quite a few persons who just so happen to be gay. I have a family member who is also that way.

        I do not knock anyone from pursuing happiness, no matter their sexuality, but it seems that in my targeting, they just in happen to be that way. And the male figures who are supposedly within that community seem to give women, like myself, more hell. They have many types of teams or groupings and that is just one of them.

        As I said before, it is just an observation based on my own targeting experience. I am by no means speaking for everyone.

        If you were there during my street theater in Virginia (where the government was quite in abundance, especially, when the city in which I lived purchased a supercomputer), then you would better understand. It is rather hard to explain in such short time.

        In closing, my experience also entailed the following comment, from one of my harrassers (some of which were very lesbian), mentioned that all they liked were ‘stupid b!#@hes’ and other things in regards to their own sexuality.

        As they say, one bad apple spoils the bunch for everyone of any gender, culture, or sexuality.

        It really put a bad taste in my mouth because I have never known anyone, even gay, to be that heinous and cruel.

        I am not discriminating, believe me.


      • Here is more information in regards to homosexuality in gang stalking from the blog Gang stalking Mysteries…
        As I said before, the experiences amongst targets, although somewhat the same, can be very different. I have just never seen it to such an extreme.

        1. The majority of gang stalking targets are women. The estimated figure is 70 percent. The majority of men targeted are supposed to be homosexual, but also include whistleblowers, and successful lower-class men of strong character and principles. Also categories of people with minor mental impairments. Where there is an ethnic mix, ethnics are major targets. That the majority of targets are women and homosexual men is suggestive. These are prime groups for sexual exploitation as prostitutes and can be used as tools by espionage agencies for infiltration and blackmail.


      • I both agree and disagree with your observation. Woman have been silent abusers in their families. Speaking from personal experience, my mother was verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive to me. She made me feel horrible about myself all in the name of love and/or doing the right thing. Fortunately, I didn’t grow up to repeat that behaviour, but instead allowed myself to be in relationships with men who were like her. Some people become products of their environment one way or another.

        I’ve also observed women who have been abused in one form or another and then act exactly as the quote I used for my post. People react to their situations in a myriad of ways and sadly it’s often to a deficit or unhealthy action.

        In many ways, people train others to treat them a certain way because they may not know how to deal with their situation. However, there are others who do know better, but choose not to do anything about it and continue to play the victim. This is what I have an issue with. I find that behaviour reprehensible. It’s that person that I’d like to have the tables turned on them.


      • Certainly, some people play the victim to make someone else look like the bad guy when they have behaved badly, or to manipulate others to give them leniency or the attention they crave. All of us may be victims of our own weaknesses, but I think consciously ‘choosing’ to be a victim sounds like an oxymoron. From an empathic and non-judgmental perspective, one might say that when people appear to bring victimization upon themselves, there are reasons why they are not acting in their own best interests and we cannot know what those reasons are.


      • There are many who actively seek being the ‘victim’. They choose not to address their own issues, but are quick to point out the issues of others; especially the person they’re in a relationship with.

        These people are control freaks who want everything to be their way or no way and will argue tooth and nail to get their point across or be right. These people are often judgmental and hide behind their outward accomplishments and never address their inward failures.

        I agree that said people do not act in their best interests and that’s typically because they’ve become quite used to or accustomed to being right, entitled, or in charge that they can’t see any other way to be and everything is the fault of another and not themselves.


      • Do you think they choose to be victimized or choose to play the victim role? I think linguistics may be causing some confusion here. When people lack a sense of personal responsibility and blame others, as you are describing, I would call it playing the victim—they are not actual victims. It is in this respect hard to imagine victimization as a conscious choice.


      • I think they chose to be victims because it works for them. They find the consolation and validation they feel they want, need, or deserve. They thrive on nit-picking others as a means to avoid dealing with their own flaws. I’ve been seeing this actively played out for the past few years with my friend.

        Victimization as I’m seeing it, is the active and constant chastising of another. They see their “correcting” someone else’s habits, patterns, and/or behavior as the ‘right’ thing to do; meanwhile they are not or have not fully dealt with their own issues. Their need for control supersedes, their willingness to compromise.


      • Whether it’s a strength or a weakness depends on your perspective. To people who lack a conscience and are able to exploit others with callous disregard to acquire power and wealth, it is a strength.


      • Agreed! In the situation with my friend, she is now losing. She has lost the closeness she and I used to have and from speaking with mutual friends, she is now alienating them also. So, what she continues to regard as she strength, is in fact her weakness. We’ve seen through the veneer and are no longer allowing her to think she can bully, manipulate, or control us or situations we find ourselves engaged in. The saddest part of it all, is that she continues to be in denial; it’s everyone elses fault or she simply refuses to see she’s the negative common denominator. Yes, she is truly a narc!


      • Agreed! The irony comes back to what I said before…THEY don’t think they’re abusive or abusers; hence, the denial…It’s an ugly vicious cycle. I refuse to ride my bike on that route. My friend will have to run the course and maybe; just maybe, she’ll figure it out. One can hope.

        May I ask you a question? How did you get to be in the place you are with a narc?


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  10. i am deff the receiver & I feel so foolish for letting uneducated ( how do they manipulate so well) ppl most my X’s do this to me. After I read it I told a handful of ppl nicely how I felt & unless they changed they could stay in 2014 w/o me.


  11. I went thru the very same thing. Still am. We parted. Then he got mad about who I was adding to my facebook or that I was going out with friends ( to dinner – but per his opinion Applesbees or Max and ermas are i BAR) and I would get calls at work or on my fbook how I was a whore or numerous cut downs. In my own defense I tried to give him his own crap back as he was doing his own things too but I sure hadn’t been following him! but I couldn’t have my say back as he called me from private numbers or deactivated his fbook after sending me awful messages. So I would leave him a letter or a note letting him know how I saw him doing the same stuff so if that makes me a whore then…. Anyways long story short- he has everyone convinced I am stalking him! It was the other way around and I just gave him his own crap back and had to do it via a letter since I could return his call! I stopped playing into his game. He had me so worked up I was playing right into his plan. Its mentally messed up and yes, I did do it too to give it back to him but this is NOT something I was doing or ever would normally. I feel like a fool and I am done playing this messed up game. Unfortunately my name has gotten drug through the mud. This same man beat the crap out of me and I had to have my head stapled shut. Nope, of course I didn’t want to see him get in trouble. So again- nobody has a clue how it really is. He would’ve been in jail for months. Yet of course none of his friends know this. I try to take the high road all the while he looks like a victim. I have cut off all communication and need to recover from the mental games that have really taken a toll. Is this similar to what others have gone through? I let his craziness get the best of me and I have realized it and quit the game. But now that he has smeared me name it infuriates me to no end how he tries to look like he is the innocent one. If they only knew. But I didn’t want to slam anyone and had hoped to part civilly.


    • Is this similar to what others have gone through? In a word: YES. Victim blaming is standard psychopath protocol, also known as DARVO. They feel smart and powerful while getting their revenge.

      I would like to encourage you to tell your story, if or when you can do so calmly and factually. It will help you feel validated and you will be contributing to the common good; increasing general awareness of this vile practice so that others may be spared the horrific experience. Your abuser does not deserve your protection.

      Meanwhile, hang in there! You will get through this!


  12. Female psychopath from past job convinced everyone that there was something ‘wrong’ with me. She got them to see me as the ‘crazy’ one. I ended up totally isolated, the boss took things out on me…I walked out.
    She is on Linked-In now, pawning herself off as something she is not…lies…right on Linked-In.
    Wish I could warn people.

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  13. This is absolutely so true. I know it already. I have read countless books and articles but every time I read it again it brings the truth of the narcissist/sociopath home to me and I realize I was never alone in what I experienced with him. And I realize, once again, that this is their way of operating. Your post describes EXACTLY EXACTLY what happened to me. And at the time you’re going through it, you think your world has gone totally crazy. Thank you for writing and sharing. Keep up the good work. It is so especially important for those who are new to this kind of thing (as we all were at one point) to help them understand and know that these disordered individuals exist and that it’s all a well calculated game to them.


    • Yes, a well calculated game. I think they get away with it repeatedly mainly because they have invested heavily in a virtuous/respectable/friendly persona so other people won’t listen to or believe a victim’s complaints about mistreatment, and because “normal” people cannot fathom that some people lack a conscience or that the intricate toxic webs of deceit and malevolence that an experienced psychopath masterminds are humanly possible. Also, bullies manipulate others to side with them and silence objectors through intimidation.

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  14. Reblogged this on journey of olivia rose and commented:
    “Baiting and Bashing” This is an excellent explanation. This is exactly what happens. It’s important to understand that it is a well calculated game that narcissists and sociopaths play. They are masters of manipulation. It can make you question your own reality and can be impossible to understand how your “friends” and “associates” can believe the abuser.


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  17. I very rarely comment, I usually just read comments and try to see what I can relate to. However, this is a very close, personal subject to me. I’m not even sure how to describe the power my husband has over me. I’m totally alone, was born 3,000 miles from where I live now. I have 5 kids with him and he won’t allow me to have close friendships, even with his own sisters. he’s a mechanic and recently had me changing my own tires before work on mothers day and than wanted me to clean when I got off work. 2 weeks later my breaks literally fell apart when I was driving. I feel helpless AND I HATE IT!!!!!!!! I’m a strong woman but I feel crazy and as such, I actually crazy sometimes. a lady told me once that she wasn’t always off the chain , that she used to be a good girl, and virgin. Now she’s a man-made bitch. but I feel that I need to change how I play the part in this B-rated movie. the how is the part that drives me nuts. I can’t just move in with momma, and not interested in another relationship, section 8 takes at least 2 years, can’t be homeless with my babies and I barely make 8000 a year. …. all the tears are wasted if I can’t find a way out

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