Baiting & Bashing

Toxic people regularly engage in this extraordinarily vile behavior. They get away with it because they are deviously skilled at misleading others and obscuring what is actually going on. Watch out for staging and framing—or B&B!


See also: Denial and DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim/Offender)



56 thoughts on “Baiting & Bashing

  1. Leni…Leni…Leni. Leni Smart. You may have won for a short while, but I left you in the dust by having a state job in the wings for me, where I was regarded well and treated rationally. Heard you ended up working in a liquor store. Your problem…


  2. This all well and good, but it gets us nowhere. The real issue here is what to do about it. The law falls right into their trap, and don’t even know it. They call themselves heroes when they play the part of the puppets on strings. That sends many innocent people to jail, or worse, into a dark and lonely place inside their own minds when they realize they have no one who can help. I went to jail because of this kind of person. She is the mother of my child. So some are starting to recognize. What do you plan to do about it?


    • What is needed, I believe, is widespread public knowledge of psychopathy and heightened awareness of psychopaths. This blog and comments elsewhere on the web are my contributions.


  3. How does one accept your abusive ex has created two abusive children who shut out their mother just like he did. Shutting your mother out is cruel and abusive. I wasn’t excluded from one sons wedding on purpose. Noone speaks to me now. I dont even know why. My dog was all I had and they gave that away when I got hit by a car. I’m so I capable of holding grudges or remembering what anyone’s mad at, so I brush it off which infuriates them. I can’t win. Their dad my ex only acts like that with me, same for my boys. No excuse.


  4. My Ex girlfriend began baiting me about a month into out relationship. She accused me over the phone of lying about something she knew absolutely nothing about. Then a few days later when we were together, I tried to talk to her about it… She flatly refused. From that day forward for the next two months, she stepped up the attacks by attacking my loyalty to my best friend, my integrity in my finances and the list goes on. All of the attacks were over the phone or in txt messages. She never


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