3 thoughts on “Sociopaths are Influential

  1. I do not believe this to be entirely true when it was quoted, “Their victims tend to be deficient in the conning skills that sociopaths have acquired through practice and experience…”

    Telling lies is easy. Simple. It is correct that sociopaths may have fine-tuned their behaviour but any one could possibly create a grand scam and ultimately get away with it. Their ‘conning’ skills are not lacking in everyone whom they victimize. The difference lies in the fact that a lot of their victims may (not that they can be any less cunning) have morals and values and tend to lean more towards a less negative avenue when it comes to their way of life. And even if this is not the case, why would anyone who is not ‘crazy’ and who actually had a life waste so much time? Even today’s technology has aided in making the old sociopath a more advanced sociopath than he or she may has ever been before.

    Fortunately, not everyone has ever felt the need to be ultimately revengeful, manipulating, and hateful without any cause to do so. Some people chose to go a different route is all and not everyone craves the attention or power that sociopaths so ‘dire’ because they are so ‘desperate’.

    Also, of course, as we all know, there is enough technology out there in this age where anything can be proved if they really wanted to. (Polygraphs, Brain fingerprinting, etc..) There really is no excuse as to why truth cannot prevail. Even when they try to hide it. Why should society take any and everyone’s word for anything? It is ridiculous but sadly, that is now the new way of today. Lie and you must be believed.

    A man who is guilty will seldom tell the truth but, as I have said before, there are alternatives to ‘truth-seeking’.
    It has become quite obvious that a lot of sociopaths’ simply cannot handle the truth and their targets are not given a fair chance, bottom-line. People are being paid to act out their unbelief.

    *To be specific, this comment is just an opinion as it relates to targets and gang stalkers. It is not that they are all that good in deception; it is just that with most gang stalkers, they are illegally protected in it so it almost never really matters how bad they screw up.

    This opinion can vary based on other variable circumstances.

    All in all, though, sociopaths (in general) are exactly that..
    “…masters of influence and deception…etc.”


  2. The reason the sociopath is a master of influence and deception is because he has been practicing and refining these skills since childhood. He has life long experience in the many aspects of victimization, exploitation, smear campaigning, manipulating, deceiving, and causing grief to others with impunity. Sure, anyone can lie. But the sociopath can do so much more … and get away with it.


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