What is Bullying?



You are mistaken if you believe that bullies only lurk in school hallways and on playgrounds… Mean kids grow up and become parents, co-workers, and bosses. They work in offices, businesses, for governments, in police departments, law offices, and charitable organizations.


They are cowards who lack the ability to work out problems in a reasoned, adult manner.

They need a fan club of followers and admirers who support their evil deeds, “flying monkeys” to persecute their targets, and/or technology to hide behind.

mistakeThe adult bully’s personality pathology is characterized by a lack of empathy, craving for power, manipulativeness, and deceptiveness. Bullies feel entitled to use others as they wish and they derive sadistic pleasure from the harm they cause.



12 thoughts on “What is Bullying?

  1. that’s what I tell my kids….bullies grow up and continue to be bullies….I teach them the skills to deal with them. I work in healthcare, which is full of bullies…..it’s sad.


  2. I am a victim. I have been a victim. I am striving not allow this to happen to me again twice. Why twice? I cannot control the actions of others; however, I can prevent it from happening to me twice by the same bully.


  3. I worked with a bully at a restaurant chain. He was the general manager and I was assistant manager. He tried to bully me as soon as I started but I wouldn’t tolerate it and told him so. He went back to bullying the single mom’s ( 2 waitresses an a dish washer) who happened to be Latin and would berate them and sexually harass them in Spanish, thinking I didn’t know what he was saying. I told HR on him, but since he worked with the company for 20 years and made money for that restaurant store, he kept his job. I am hoping he harasses the wrong woman someday and gets his “just desserts.” (pun intended)


  4. What has astonished me, more than once, is that when the bullied finally band together against their oppressor, the oppressor can build evidence of conspiracy to bully him or her. Often that serves as a psychological crutch that allows them to avoid confronting their own responsibility.


    • Yes, adult bullies build upon a lifetime of practicing cunning tactics aimed at making their victims look bad while making themselves look good. They will NEVER admit responsibility for their misconduct.

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  5. Talk to an H.R. representative? You are diseased in the head. From my experience that is the absolute WORST thing to do. HR reps are interested in the company only, not the individual, especially one who ‘complains’. That can backfire BIG TIME.

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