A Sociopathic Blogger

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Deceit and manipulation are tools with which I am proficient. These tools are, in fact, part of my primary programming. My brain, for reasons I’d like to understand, has evolved in a manner distinct from other people and my personality is that of a predator. A psychological predator, by nature, engages in deceit and manipulation. It takes, I think, the same level of conscious energy for me to be totally honest that it takes for a normal person to lie. I do my best not to lie and I feel like I’m successful.

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5 thoughts on “A Sociopathic Blogger

      • Again, thanks.

        I enjoy writing about and sharing other ideas as well, but with the more introspective posts, my goal is to show that not all people who manifest antisocial personality disorders are the monsters typically depicted in the media…and that sometimes the more trusted faces among us are just the sort of beasts we’ve always been warned about.

        I’ve perused your blog as well and find it equally interesting. It’s a good thing, what you’re doing…I hope you keep it going.


      • Thank you!

        By sharing your thoughts and perspectives, you are making a valuable contribution to our collective understanding of what Dr George Simon as described as “the defining issue of our time.”


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