The Empath Strikes Back


You, too, can start a blog and share your experiences. Your voice will contribute to educating the public and spreading awareness about psychopathy. We can diminish the powers of evil-doers hiding behind “masks of sanity” by exposing them. Our combined voices will empower potential victims and future generations to guard themselves against abuse, improving their chances to live happier, more productive lives.

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9 thoughts on “The Empath Strikes Back

  1. My son-in-law is a psychopath and an expert manipulator, he has even turned my daughter against me and I can no longer see my grandkids and there is nothing I can do about it. I tried to talk to my daughter but she gets mad at me if I say anything about him. All this has made me very depressed and has retriggered my PTSD that I’ve had as a result of abuse my mother. She was extremely physically and emotionally abusive. I feel I will never be able to heal. My brother was also a psychopath as well as my ex-husband. I can’t win for losing.


    • You can change the situation around but you need help from a counsellor with a thorough understanding of narcissistic abuse. It will require some effort from you to determine if they really have the relevant knowledge and experience, as they will all claim they do. Start searching today. Life is short.

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      • Thank you for your response, it has been very difficult to find a counselor with a thorough understanding of narcissistic/psychopathic abuse. I live in Austin, Tx., any suggestions.


      • My only suggestion would be to use a referral service and specify narcissistic abuse. Also, ask the counsellor about his/her experience with such cases. A Google search might present useful info. I wish I could be of more help.


      • mountainlover: ALANON. MEETUP. Start your own. I am also in austin and looking for comrades.


  2. I have tried to reach out regarding help with my sociopath. Am I doing something wrong. Is this just another case of no one caring unless it involves them. I really need guidance from some who has been through this. Been with mine 11 years, head over heals in love. Everything I ever wanted. To my face she is a dream. Behind my back she is a nightmare.


    • Find a counselor who is knowledgeable in psychopathy. Another option is to join a support group with people who have suffered narcissistic/psychopathic abuse. They can relate to your experiences, and above all, believe you. may have such a group in your area.

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