9 thoughts on “Uncanny Sociopathic Abilities

  1. Even after 4 (four) decades, the sociopath (more like psychopath) from my life is alive and well and living in my brain. And it is INFURIATING when other people believe the evil person’s lies (which became truths in the public eye). And very few have stepped forward to talk to me about any of it…and I could not anyway…because in that time frame my life had finally changed, I had met many people and gotten married, and life was good…
    Now it is rushing back like a ‘fury’ (are you familiar with Greek mythology? The Furies…)
    The Greeks were keenly aware of the vile forces within other human brains…sorry to sound sexist…but women especially (they are far more clever than the men and can destroy you slowly…)

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    This is so precisely true. Many people cannot begin to comprehend unless they’ve lived through it. The aftermath that it creates is very very difficult. And I find that when you tell the story, people still kind of look at you like you are insane because…………. how can something like this happen? But it does.


    • My own siblings don’t get it, Olivia. My own family of origin. I take walks alone, drive alone…am almost always alone. My husband gets tired of hearing about it…he is supportive, but he never experienced it, and unless someone does they don’t have a clue.
      People see me as someone whose own family has rejected them. It is called scapegoating…the family scapegoat.


    • Victimization is humiliating. No wonder people have been reluctant to expose themselves and reveal their suffering to the world. Thanks to the Internet, we can now safely share our stories, and at the same time, discover that abusers follow the same behavior patterns and that there are many other victims out there who understand exactly what we have experienced. We are not alone. If we keep the conversation going, maybe someday even those who have never been victimized will learn about toxic behavior.


  3. Agree. As far as siblings…my own parents were the abusers…and theirs…and I guess the whole family tree. One rotten apple after another…

    No, I don’t want to try Ancestry.com. No siree…


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