How to Spot a Sociopath: 11 Traits

The Red Flags

Sociopaths are manipulative, and some are dangerous. If you know someone with several of the following attributes, your best bet is to stay away from them.

 1  Superficial Charm

 2  Narcissistic

 3  Pathological Lying

 4  Manipulative and Cunning

 5  Shallow Emotions

 6  Lack of Remorse, Shame, Or Guilt

 7  Incapable of Human Attachment

 8  Constant Need for Stimulation

 9  Lack of Empathy

10  Poor Behavioral Controls / Impulsive Nature

11  Promiscuous Sexual Behavior / Infidelity

If you have a sociopath in your life, especially in a romantic relationship, you are going to suffer. Avoid these people. Don’t be fooled by their charms—it is just an act to get what they want. Sociopaths are extremely cold-hearted. The only person they care about is themselves. They see all other people only in terms of usefulness and as potential targets.

via How to Spot a Sociopath: 11 Signs & Traits of A Sociopath.

3 thoughts on “How to Spot a Sociopath: 11 Traits

  1. All these traits are so true!! My mother was a sociopath/psychopath, along with my brother, and now unfortunately my daughter and son-in-law. My mother and brother were extremely violent to me, my mother tried to stab me in the back when my children were small, had many adulterous affairs in front of me, abused my disabled father. She recently died and I refused to go to her funeral.


    • Yes, and it is worth noting that people with several these traits have dissimilar personalities, making it harder to recognize them as sociopaths.


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