The Power of the Internet

The Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

“The last big mistake that all psychopaths make today, is to underestimate the power of the internet.  Once everyone learns to recognize their behaviors and strategies, they can’t hide and there will be nowhere to run—except off an ice shelf in the arctic.”

via Psychopaths are Opportunists

10 thoughts on “The Power of the Internet

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  2. Yeah, before you all get too cocky, may I remind you there are those of us who are actively adding to that online knowledge, giving you guys the information that may one day lead to our downfall. But I have done the calculations of risk and benefit, and they come out very favourably for me and my kind and not so great for you. Hubris? We’ll see 🙂


      • That’s asking a lot, mate 🙂

        But I will oblige.

        Possible costs:
        One could be as you say; the majority of people become so well-informed about psychopathy that it becomes a liability to be one.
        Another, more personal, one. Someone I know reads my blog, recognises me in my writing and tells everyone I know.

        I like writing and influencing people.
        As egomaniacs everywhere will testify, it’s fun to talk about yourself.
        I interact with many interesting people, yourself included, in a manner that wouldn’t be possible in real life.
        I learn new things as well as teaching others.

        But these are all small things. The biggest benefit, the one which makes me so sure that I’m right and that possible cost #1 will never happen…? You can keep guessing. Though I suspect it’s shared by most of the other psychopath writers out there.


      • My instincts advise don’t engage “james”. There’s something not right about him (aside from his stated psychopathicness). Something evil.

        I don’t know what Tina T ( thinks she’s up to with him (he’s her companion and frequent blogger). Nobody uses a psychopath, they use you. She’s one of the following: a seriously, seriously deluded fool, an unfortunate caught in a psychological spidersweb, a genetic psycho herself playing a deep game. Or something.


      • For anyone wanting to learn about psychopathy, James’ articles offer valuable insights. Your “instincts” have no credibility except to yourself.


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