The Predatory Aggressive Personality


By Dr George Simon, PhD

Predatory Aggressive Personalities (i.e., psychopaths or sociopaths) consider themselves superior to the rest of the human race. They view individuals with inhibitions rooted in emotional bonding to others as inferior creatures and, therefore, their rightful prey.

Aggressive Personalities include the Unbridled Aggressive, who is frequently in conflict with the law; the Channeled-Aggressive, who generally limits ruthlessness to non-criminal activity; the Covert-Aggressive, who cloaks their cruelty under a veneer of civility and manipulates others in the process; and the Sadistic Aggressive, whose principal aim is to demean and injure others.


But by far the most pathological aggressive personality is the one I prefer to label the Predatory Aggressive Personality. All of the aggressive personalities are among the most seriously disturbed in character of the various personality types, and the Predatory Aggressive Personality is the most seriously character disordered.


Read Dr Simon’s article:
Understanding the Predatory Aggressive Personality.

13 thoughts on “The Predatory Aggressive Personality

  1. I am not sure that using pictures of innocent animals to show the evil within people is a good idea. PETA has worked hard to educate and eliminate this kind of thinking. Isn’t this anthropomorphism? And in a sense aren’t we ‘scapegoating’ these innocent animals?
    Snakes, wolves, spiders, gators…cats and frogs? Just doing their thing…they are not evil. They just try to survive.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Babs, have you ever seen a cat playing with a mouse? It’s not food, it’s not a means of survival, the cat’s just being a cat and playing with a fun toy. I do the same with my toys, though I don’t usually end up slitting their throat with my claws


      • Is that something else as in “something different” or something else as in “golly, you really are something else, the *living end*”

        Are you the same person as Babs, or are there just a lot of Barbaras interested in psychopaths ? I know at least one other, possibly two.


      • Haha, so they’re crazy? Toby, one of my cats, was like that, always off in his own little world, doing strange little dance moves and acrobatics when he thought no-one was looking. Outside he galloped like a horse when he ran, he was really goofy 🙂


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