18 thoughts on “Anti-Social Personality Disorder

  1. Yes my mother had anti-social personality disorder and she abused me in every way with no mercy. She did the same thing to my disabled Dad until she finally killed him. I used to think anti-social personality used to mean these people just didn’t like being around people or having friends although she had many male lovers while married to my Dad but no female friends. I wish they never would have changed the term from sociopath to anti-social personality disorder for I would have stayed away from her and somehow tried to get my Dad to safety. The public needs to more educated about these people for she acted liked the sweetest person around everyone else. She’s dead now, about 6 months ago and did not go to her funeral and relatives told me if I didn’t forgive her before she died, I would go to Hell. I got furious at them for they never lived in the skin of my Dad and I. I will be haunted for the abuse and murder of my Dad due to her. If there is a Hell, I hope she burns there for eternity!!!


    • Anger in the face of cruelty is normal, justified, and probably healthy as long as it doesn’t control your life. People who tell you otherwise are just ignorant or lacking compassion. I agree 100% that it is important people are educated about personality disorders if we want a better world. You are contributing by sharing your story. Many victims who feel alone and unable to improve their situation can relate to your experiences and feel encouraged to take action. Join the Resistance and keep speaking your truth! Copy and paste on other blogs and discussion forums! Together, we will raise awareness and change will follow!


  2. i use to think people who were antisocial just didnt like being around much people….i have never quite viewed them in the light in which you’re projecting…isnt there a better term that can be used to describe these people? cos sometimes i could be antisocial and am nothing close to what you have posted.


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