Good Deeds by Bad People?

gooddevilDo psychopaths ever experience empathy or compassion? Are they ever inclined to help someone in need—without an ulterior motive? Are there psychopaths who do more good in the world than your average apath or bleeding heart empath?

Read the article by James, psychopath:
Doing something nice for no reason

at No Psychos, No Druggies, No Stooges

3 thoughts on “Good Deeds by Bad People?

  1. I thought psychopaths were incapable of empathy…at all. Confused, and what about the article? Was the guy who wrote it supposed to be a psychopath? On a good day?

    A friend of mine, who happens to be a high school teacher (with gang members in her class) told me to never hand out money to people, as there are ‘places’ they can go (homeless shelters, whatever) where their needs can be taken care of. I listened to her and passed by many a homeless person, and I feel badly about it…
    She also said they would spend it on booze and/or drugs, so you are not really helping them.


    • That is correct; psychopaths lack the capacity for empathy. But that doesn’t mean they are incapable of good actions. James, the author of the article, claims to be a psychopath and I tend to believe him because his writing reveals a psychopathic mindset; lack of empathy and remorse, a sense of superiority, exploitiveness, and manipulative abilities. His articles are well written with honesty, intelligence, and wit. Thanks to his generous sharing, the rest of us are given opportunities to see through the eyes of a psychopath. Understanding the psychopathic perspective helps us recognize the disordered, be realistic in our expectations, protect ourselves from harm, and warn others.

      This psychopath is doing a good deed.

      There may be shelters in every city, but not always enough to accommodate all of the homeless men, women, and children. A few cities in the US have recently declared a state of emergency because of the large number of destitute people in relation to the limited resources available to them. I find it most disturbing that, surrounded by wealth and affluence, ANYONE is left without food, shelter, and healthcare.

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      • My home city is teeming with homeless people. Far too many to all go in a shelter. I don’t really care what the people I give to spend the money on. It’s their money now, not mine. Many drink booze in order to keep warm anyway. If you want to ensure your money goes on the ‘right’ things, then instead of giving cash you can give a restaurant voucher / gift card or even buy the food yourself and give it to them. Or donate money to shelters and soup kitchens, or even lend a hand at one of them. There are lots of things you can do to help the homeless, feeling bad and turning your head away never solved any problems.

        Human, thanks for your compliments.


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