Accountability and Blame-Shifting

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6 thoughts on “Accountability and Blame-Shifting

  1. I have decided that the nuclear family unit is crap. Total crap. It is a win-win for the personality disordered parents/grandparents…the rest of us lose…big time.

    Try piecing your life together after these monsters have broadcast your life to all corners of the small world that they themselves inhabit. I had to go into hiding for decades…even going to a grocery store was agony. And I got the ‘look’ from those who knew me. I had to leave town, even go several towns out for groceries and other supplies. Never stepped into a church if anyone was in it…went in to pray on my own.

    At this age (64) not much bothers me. If I am unfortunate enough to bump into an old neighbor, former classmate, or co-worker…bring it on! Go ahead, say what you believe to be true. And I can:

    Agree along with you (“My goodness, how smart you are! You know all this about me!”)
    Laugh at you (“Are you sure what you are saying is real? They are doing great things with medication these days…)_
    Play mental head games (as above) but ‘spice it up a notch (“I heard you were donating your sperm/eggs in a last desperate ditch attempt…oh…at your age, you must be thawing out those frozen samples…”)

    You might think I am mean…but it is called ‘living it up’ because for decades I was among the ‘living dead’.


    • It wrenches my gut that toxic people, haters, routinely and seemingly easily get the family, workplace, organization, or other significant community to hop onto their bandwagon as they persecute and isolate their chosen target, with the goal of causing extreme and long-lasting suffering. Victims of this kind of massive hateful onslaught feel powerless. Many see suicide as the only way out.

      I am glad that you survived and can tell your story. It resonates with victims everywhere, some of whom think they were alone and at fault for their predicament or tormented by the anguish of being unable to make sense of the judgments and degrading treatment they are subjected to. Please share your experiences on other websites! You will relieve other victims of debilitating self-doubt. You may even save a life.


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