1 thought on “Psychopathic Cycle of Abuse and Triangulation

  1. Has anyone ever noticed that Scottie Hughes ( campaign manager for Donald Trump) smiles a lot when it is not called for? I will never forget the interview with Piers Morgan about gun control. She and another bimbo were promoting proliferation of gun sales in the U.S. Piers could not reason with them, not even after citing the Sandy Hook massacre. When the bimbo (brunette) tossed her head suddenly and laughed Piers was mortified. He came right out and asked, “What are you laughing at??”. And Scottie had that smary smile that makes my skin crawl. Piers ended the interview by expressing his disgust with both of them. I just saw Scottie on CNN and noticed that she grins/smiles inappropriately often. I read a book years ago that cautioned people about ‘over-smiling’, especially in the workplace. A phony, almost forced smile can hide evil intent. I have personally witnessed that in a so-called Born Again Christian at work. Back to Scottie…if you watch her closely she will smile in an almost preening fashion. It unnerves me…and I will never forget that interview with Piers Morgan. I felt the evil in the two women on his show…we are all evil to an extant…but most of us cannot be said to be evil by nature. Grrrrr….I hate Scottie Hughes.


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