Why are some people abusive?


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3 thoughts on “Why are some people abusive?

  1. I so badly want to expose this violent person. Not for vengeance or any other vindictive reason,but so he will never again hurt someone else,the way he hurt me. I feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. It is so hard because if I don’t say anything it makes me as bad as the abuser, but at the same time I am fearful of the consequences not only for myself but for members of his own family. I am tormented by everything that has happened. After 9 mths of no contact his sister rang me. But I had the feeling that he had manipulated her somehow. Maybe as time goes on I will find the strength to expose him. He was emotionally and physically abusive,and I believe he could easily kill someone. I am so grateful that I got out with my life. I truly believed that I had been touched by evil after being in a 2 year relationship with this person.


    • I know how you feel. The sad part is he will strike again. I see it with the one I am with, they need someone to take care of them. As for him coming after you, I think it depends on what he has on you. From what I seen they are cowards. That is why they target women and feed off us. I have a plan for mine. He holds money over my head and hides it. Even though we have two kids together. But they all let their guards down sooner or later.

      Good Luck, at least you got away with losing only 2 years. Mine was a lot longer. I just don’t know how I allowed this to happen.


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