Bullying is Sociopathic Behavior

Bullying2Bullies don’t only lurk in school hallways and playgrounds… They grow up and become parents, co-workers, and bosses. They work in offices, businesses, for governments, in police departments, law offices, and charitable organizations.

Studies show that cyber-bullies really are sadistic and have narcissistic/psychopathic personality disorders. This is true of many garden-variety bullies as well.

mistake Cowards who find it impossible to stand alone & work out problems like adults.  They need an army of puppet followers and/or technology to hide behind and make them feel powerful. Science has recently proven that cyber-bullies really are sadistic and suffer from narcissistic/psychopathic personality disorders.  This is true of many garden-variety bullies as well.
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20 thoughts on “Bullying is Sociopathic Behavior

  1. All this about Bullies is so true. I experienced all these behaviors from family members, co-workers, and so-called friends. I used to think something was inherently wrong with me. At 61, just now learning it was them and not me.

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    • thx u I am in a situation @work,Boss /his wife & director/yes is a daycare/school.OMG I hav to go to mtg with 3 vs 1/ i’m 69 & wish I could quit but need money.


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    The suggestions are good for physical, one-on-one contact. When it happens over the internet, even removing yourself from the situation does not stop the bullies. In fact, they feel more emboldened because they think what they did chased you away.


  3. I have experienced this throughout my retail career. It is getting worse. It has moved away from the physical, obvious bullying to indirect, ‘clever’ bullying.
    I agree with sepultra13. We should all join together to stop the bullies.


  4. How do we all join together to stop bullying? Yes I got out of that toxic workplace but I still have 2 family members who are narcissistic sociopaths and have to put up with them because of the grandchildren.


  5. This is so true, I believe this kind of behavior especially as children who are never checked on it can lead to bigger problems. I have been reading Eve Maram’s book Psychopathy Within and she has dealt with that side of this kind of behavior in her own family and in her career. There is some incredible insight into how she believes it all stems from a character trait. Great read on this, drevemaram.com is her site.


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  7. My last boss was a bully. He would put me down in front of other employees and my students . He never missed an opportunity to make me feel incompetent. He almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown . I had to quit but a teacher who reports a principal is blacklisted. I had to move to a other town to find a new job. Teacher’s suffer from bad bosses a great deal because the powers that be do not believe the teacher but only the principal.


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