Narcissistic Rage



A raging narcissist displays the emotional maturity of a young child with a temper tantrum.



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2 thoughts on “Narcissistic Rage

  1. I am begging you to stop conflating personality disorders with socio/pyschopathy. Firstly, you make no distinction on this size between the psychopath and sociopath.

    Secondly, as someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, I’ve been abused to no end. I’m a “quiet borderline”, meaning I tend to inflict pain and punishment onto my self. I’ve struggled with addiction, suicide attempts, and self injury all while trying to battle the stigma that sites like this create. 75% of borderline women will be physically abused at some point, and oftentimes I’ve been the one with the black eye while someone yells at me that if I didn’t have BPD, my life wouldn’t be like this. I’ve never laid hands on anyone in my adult life, I hate confrontation and fighting as it makes me anxious and upset.

    Stigma is the worst part of my life and the lives of anyone trying to recover from a personality disorder. Most of want to get better, but we get treated like monsters and criminals even though our disorders are NOT the same as pyschopathy or sociopathy, both of which are as yet incurable and are attachment disorders. They are VERY different from personality disorders.

    So I’m begging you, do your research and try to not keep perpetuating this stigma. Many people with personality disorders are victims of abuse themselves, what about us? How ironic is it that on this site meant to stop abuse, you are priming people to abuse others? Is one only worthy of help from abuse if they are mentally healthy? Do those of us with personality disorders “deserve” it? Because that is the narrative you are presenting and encouraging.


    • The purpose of this web site is to inform about and increase awareness of toxic personality disorders. We are convinced that more widespread knowledge on this topic is crucial to making the world a better place. Your personal suffering is regrettable, but we cannot see how this site is in any way responsible. Neither do we recognize the factual errors or otherwise misleading content that you have implied. We seek constantly to improve Psychopath Resistance and your comments are welcome. However, to be acted upon, requests for corrections must be specific and, in most cases, backed up by evidence.


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