Can psychopaths tell who’s another psychopath?


Answer by Jay Jones:

Yes. I am a high scoring psychopath, I can recognise others, as well as sociopaths (secondary psychopaths), many other disorders and brain/personality variations. Besides being able to recognise others of a very similar ilk, we are very tuned to working others out. I can spot police, many school teachers, depression, ADHD, mental illnesses, personality flaws, people’s conscious fears, strengths and weaknesses, all sorts of things the average person doesn’t pick up on.


2 thoughts on “Can psychopaths tell who’s another psychopath?

  1. I’m what’s called, functional psychopath. I’m also great in body language, I can spot another like me around a mile away. I can see anything that’s considered disorder related, everyone has a body type….and it speaks volume in each one I come across, it’s like reading a book. If you are depressed, I’ll know it……..every tick, eye and body shift, I’ll see it……….people give out so many signals……that one can never fathom.


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