A Game of Destroying People

Psychopaths blame their victims for what happened and have no concern about the consequences.

games people play

The mocking and controlling behavior of the psychopathic mind is motivated by a sense of entitlement and a claim for submission. It’s a power trip. The submission brings them feelings of excitement and superiority. They enjoy what they consider to be a game of destroying people. It’s amusing to them.


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A Game of Destroying People

Evil people are often busy building for themselves various fronts for disguise to further their ambitions. “They are likely to exert themselves more than most in their enduring effort to obtain and maintain an image of high respectability.” Evil does not reveal itself as the bad. Evil will very rarely expose itself to public light. It must hide. And it almost always hides under the pretext of something virtuous.

In fact, rather than hiding in the shadows dressed in black, it disguises itself in uniforms of holy men or suits and charitable organizations, which allow it to deceive us into thinking it’s our savior. This enables it to cause far greater damage.   Continue reading…


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It amuses toxic people to see how much control they have over you.


12 thoughts on “A Game of Destroying People

  1. And destroying people is weak. They think it makes them strong and powerful. Loving someone and allowing them to grow and succeed is where true strength lies. Psychopaths, sociopaths or whatever we choose to call them are cowards and are threatened by the success and accomplishments of the rest of us. So they seek to destroy us so we appear as weak and as worthless as them. But any of our setbacks are just temporary. Good people have the ability to rise up like the Phoenix. We can overcome anything the sociopath or psychopath dishes out. It’s convincing ourselves of our true power that proves the most difficult. 🙂

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    • So true Paula but I’m at my wits end dealing with this this control freak has terrorized me since 1987 I’ve been forced to move 15 x from the abuse, harrassment, destruction and breakins and seems the authorities haven’t done a thing to stop it strange thing is they were the ones who informed me o f the breakins at first and asked why I didn’t call it in I didn’t realize it but then it seemed everywhere I moved it kept happening is notice bizarre things like pictures glued to frames, a box of chocolates with all of them bitten, a coat that looked like it went thru a tree shredder, bottles of alcohol drank & left with a little in there just bizarre happenings a notes put on my car one reading and whatever I ask of you don’t you dare say no your only function is to serve me – it’s been an ongoing nightmare & im fed up with the authorities, lawyers, therapist, priest everyone I’ve gone to for help I’m literally sick everyday but still get myself up & out to work do you have any suggestions or anyone you can refer that will actually do something about this I’ve been isolated from my support system had to change my telephone number I can’t even count how many times basically been surrounded by alcoholics, drug abusers & rehabbers & people that want to collect off the system the opposite of everything I am so while I work they rob.


  2. I just found this site, and am so glad I did. I have been targeted by a psychopath for over 3 years. Believe it or not, it is my son-in-law, turns out his entire family is like that. The pain has been terrible, as I really love my daughter. Thank You for all the valuable information on this site!


    • You are not alone. Please help spread information about what psychopathy expert Dr George Simon refers to as “the defining issue of our time” to others! Tell your story! All too many suffer victimization believing they are alone, powerless, or even to blame. One day, when understanding of psychopathy is widespread, there can be a shift in the power imbalance between abusers and the abused and humanity can steer its course towards a better world.

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  3. I have been targeted by these monsters my entire life. I was born into a very large family of them and then I married into a nest of them. My sister is a full-bore phychopath who terrorized me my entire childhood. She got three of my sibling to join her when I was twelve and the four of them terrorized me 24/7 for my entire teenage years. My parents did absolutely nothing and sometimes joined them. I escaped by marrying at age nineteen to a full-bore psychopath. I used to ask him things like “did my sister hire you to marry me to keep in going or “when I married you I jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.” The MO was identical – it was astounding. Then one day I had the word psychopath pop into my head. I had spent over twenty-five years wondering what was wrong that I could not get through to this person. I thought about what a psychopath meant. They had two personalities and they had no conscious. I sat down to the computer and typed in the word…….and I started to read. Before long I was crying and then just sobbing realizing what I had done. The people who read the articles and books I eventualy read described my parents, sister, brother, husband, in-laws. fast forward seven years ago. my son came home with a new girlfriend eight years his senior. Three weeks later he shocked us by telling us he was going to Italy with this person he had only known three weeks. He them came home and really blew us away telling us they were engaged and were going to be married in about ten weeks. We were quite upset but there was nothing we could do. I knew right away that this person was bad news. How right I was. Enter the next psychopath in my life. She then became the mother of my grandchildren. She treated my entire family like dirt. She would not speak to my other sons’ girlfriends or later wife. She clearly hates women. It has finally blown up at Christmas as was there myself with only my son and her and she blew up like a lunatic and blamed me. I now cannot see my grandchildren. My son joins her in blaming me for this. He will not listen to anyone and he now even joins her. He lost his family to this person. He is now alone with her and they are abusive to my grandsons. I just cannot take anymore of this life. My other daughter in law who is also very abused by this witch wants me to keep going but she does not understand it is no longer just about my lost grandbabies. I have absolutely no future. I will be alone as it is a guarantee that if I ever allow another person in my life in any role they will be a psychopath. I do nothing. I no longer exercise. I do no work. I cry every day but have to hide it so as not to be a burden to my family. I left my husband to get a new start that I was very excited about and now the universe has shown me that I am not allowed a life of peace. I am 54 and I wish I were dead. psychopaths have literally destroyed my entire life and have now finally destroyed me.

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    • Deanna, now that you understand psychopathy and how it hijacked your life, and you are able to recognize psychopaths and their evil ways, the patterns of your past can no longer perpetuate into your future. No wonder the pain, sorrow, sense of loss and hopelessness feel devastating at this point. You look back on your life and feel doomed, but only because you cannot yet integrate your new insights and realize the potential they promise for a very different life. Don’t give up now! You are on the cusp of something new.

      The ambition of this blog is to spread awareness and knowledge about psychopathy. When victims of psychopathic abuse become enlightened, they typically feel empowered. There is also an immense relief in recognizing that one wasn’t at fault. But profound insights come at the cost of inner turmoil; regrets, mourning losses, a sense of shattered identity, confusion, fear, anger, disorientation, depression…

      Other blogs focus more on the recovery process and I encourage you to explore them. You have been faced with the bad news. Now, it is time to face the good news. Read the testimonies of people, like yourself, who have pulled through. Ask your doctor to test you for depression. A good counsellor can make a world of difference and speed up your recovery. Just make sure that he/she is qualified and experienced in psychopathic/narcissistic abuse issues. You need support and encouragement. Find it!


    • Hi Deanna,
      You have just written my life story, so many psychopaths/narcissists.You are where I was 6 months ago, feeling that death would be a welcome escape. There was just a little spark of life left in my soul.That’s all that’s needed. Nurture it. Learn that no one else matters just now but you.
      In the case of a plane crash, we are told to put our oxygen mask on first. We can’t do anything or help anyone without it. So get your oxygen mask on. Nothing else matters. Find what helps you, meditation, positive affirmations, councilling, walking or just breathing-long, deep and slow. Baby steps. It may seem impossible to climb up that greasy pole, but you can and will.
      With your new education about these evil influences in your life, you will be infinitely happier and the only way to do that is to go NO CONTACT with them and get your inner energy renewed.
      It can happen if you just surrender to the new you- a better you.
      I wish you a content and fulfilling future life. Learn to love yourself. You deserve it.

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      • Thank you, Martina! I am so touched by your wonderfully worded outreach to a fellow target! (I try to avoid using ‘victim’ nowadays.)

        Just imagine if all badly hurt targets could speak up and find understanding and support all around them. How different life would be for all of us. People like you are moving the world in that direction. Thank you.


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