Victims are cruelly revictimized.

D.A.R.V.O.Watch for it. All abusers do it.

US Catholic orphanage sex abuse victim still feels pain 70 years later.

Posted on Nov 9, 2016 in Feature
By Michael O’Keeffe

When “Don” told the priest who ran St. Michael’s Home for Children on Staten Island that one of his employees had molested him repeatedly over the previous two years, the clergyman gave the boy a lecture about damaging another man’s reputation. Then he told Don to report to the employee who allegedly sexually abused him for his punishment.

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2 thoughts on “Victims are cruelly revictimized.

  1. In my story there was no person who would refuse to act on behalf of the toxic person, committing criminal offenses on his behalf. The criminals never been held accountable, still have their public service jobs, even received titles of higher notoriety. How the hell can a city clerk commit document fraud, fabricate ordinances, and demand payment on account must come out of the victims pocket? How can this be acceptable?


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