We are NOT all the same.

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...


All too easily, we mistakenly assume that everyone else is honest, intelligent, and trying to do the right thing, just like us. In reality, some people are outright evil.

Similarly, a psychopath thinks that everyone else is evil like himself. When a psychopath sees an honest and intelligent person asking questions or giving logical explanations, he believes that it is an evil manipulation trick.

The Age of the Psychopath


6 thoughts on “We are NOT all the same.

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  5. I live with a psychopath as a wife,she tried severally to stab me to death but when I complain nobody believes me because of her charm,tried to choke me while I was sleeping,she dose not wake up in the middle of the night causing me to sleep outside if I return late because nothing can wake her up neither door bells phone or car horn causing me to sometimes jump in through windows if it’s open yet nobody believes me,presently I have 16 cc tv cameras in my house yet she still attacks me.now we sleep in saperate rooms yet when I sleep she comes in to attack me pressing me down making me


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