Professor gets life in prison for shooting rampage

“It didn’t happen. I wasn’t there. It wasn’t me.”

Booking photo of Amy Bishop

Booking photo of Amy Bishop released by the Huntsville Police Department.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Harvard-educated biologist was sentenced to life in prison without parole after being convicted of going on a shooting rampage during a faculty meeting at an Alabama university in 2010.

Bishop killed the biology department chairman, and two professors. Three faculty members were shot and wounded.

Bishop denied having anything to do with the rampage.

Shelby Center for Science and Technology

Shelby Center for Science and Technology on the University of Alabama in Huntsville campus.

Is Amy Bishop a psychopath?

Psychopathic killers are very cold-blooded. They typically do not act on affect, and they are much more likely to be found among serial killers than among spree killers. Psychopathic killers find some kind of pleasure in taking lives, whereas Amy’s rampage appears more as the desperate act of an individual with serious grievances.

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Borderline Personality Disorder

What defines borderline personality disorder?

Individuals with this psychopathology have much difficulty with self-regulation; the regulation of their own emotional state. A lot of people with BPD also have depression and many are suicidal. Often, they have a history of feeling attacked or uncared for. They are almost hypersensitive to perceived threats from others. 
Borderline (song)

They can react almost with a hair trigger if they feel that they are being attacked, and they are likely to respond with counterattack. People with BPD can be so preoccupied by their own sense of not being cared for and not being understood that they become blind to the impact of their own behavior on others.

It takes two to tango?

two to tango

When friends and family remain neutral about abuse and say that both people are responsible in a conflict, or that both need to change, they are actually colluding with the abuser and making it harder for the victim to seek support.

What a dumb idea; that in every conflict both parties are always at fault. Another idiocy is the belief that it is morally wrong to ‘choose sides,’ even in abuser/victim situations. How can it be morally correct to watch someone being abused and do nothing? Abusers will use our misconceptions to their advantage.