What is Synesthesia?

Seeing Red
Jack Pemment (Author)
Publication Date: February 21, 2013

An example how a synesthetic person might asso...

Harris is an insurance coordinator at the local hospital with synesthesia, a neurological condition that takes the outlines of other humans and generates a colored glow around their bodies. He has gone his whole life with this harmless and apparently meaningless condition, tagging people with their own unique colored halo.

However, Daniel had never seen the halos in the color red before.

Now in his late twenties, Daniel’s synesthesia has developed to the point where the outlines of people are also causing a taste sensation. This disgusts Daniel, because everyone he comes into contact with suddenly has their own flavor as well as their own color. Troubled by these sensations, Daniel goes to visit a psychiatrist for help, but things start to get a lot worse when he finally discovers that some people do have red outlines and they all generate the same taste in his mouth – road tar.

Daniel quickly realizes that the red outline and road tar taste are caused by the presence of innately violent individuals. After a run-in with a dangerous criminal, Daniel befriends Detective Connors of the local police department, who gives him a chance to identify offenders in a series of line-up tests. Daniel performs so well that the police psychologist takes him to a prison for a larger test, and it is soon confirmed that Daniel can identify psychopaths – just by looking at them.

Daniel catches the attention of the police department at just the right moment because a serial killer has become active again, and Daniel’s new found talent becomes pivotal, yet awkward, as the case unfolds.

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