Narcissist Don’ts | 12 Rules Mini-book $4.90

Narcissist Don’ts

Narcissist Don’ts | 12 Rules | Mini-book, Educational Zine | $4.90 | Etsy

What not to do when you are dealing with a toxic individual.
Twelve rules for all your interactions with narcissists.

Coming this fall: Lovefraud online education about sociopaths

By May 12, 2015

LovefraudMillions of sociopaths live among us, and no one seems to know it. Because as a society we are so unaware, we are vulnerable to sociopathic exploitation. And because many professionals, like the rest of us, don’t really understand the dynamics of these involvements, counselors, therapists and others are often at a loss about how to help people who have been targeted by sociopaths. To address this dangerous lack of information about sociopaths, Lovefraud is launching an online education program this fall. Read more…