Usage Terms

Debate Not Hate Quote ArtThe purpose of this blog is to spread awareness and knowledge about destructive character disturbances. With understanding, an individual is better equipped to practice healthy self-preservation in relation to the personality disordered, or avoid involvement altogether. A knowledgable general public can limit what the abusers can get away with, and also, have more compassion and understanding for the victims.

You are welcome to use any material on this blog if your purpose aligns with ours, as described above. We only request that you give credit to whom it is due and a link back to Psychopath Resistance. Now, go spread the word!

1 thought on “Usage Terms

  1. I just recently was completely dropped by a man that fits the description of a sociopath. My life has been completely turned upside down. I am trying to heal and move on but it is so different from any relationship I have ever ended, I feel lost and confused and am just wondering how in the heck I got to this point. Also just trying to make sense of it all, when none of it makes any sense at all.


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