Baiting and Bashing

I’m “mentally unstable”
because I object to your abuse?!


Personality disordered individuals enjoy playing this game. They provoke their chosen target for a reaction, which they then claim is incriminating evidence of mental instability or evil-mindedness; thereby implying it is their victim who is at fault. While diverting attention away from their own behavior, the bully seeks support from others, turning them against his target.


It can be devastating for someone already suffering from mistreatment to also be blamed, slandered, rejected, and ostracized. The abuser enjoys the sense of power and control they derive from tormenting with impunity and the positive attention they get from playing the victim and fishing for sympathy; all while effectively intimidating their target from speaking up and exposing the abuser.





Narcissists provoke people crazy. reactive-abuse-1

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